Saturday, July 25, 2009

off the dendritic wall tv show ideas

1. Peter Bunion
- A detective named Boots, of course, hunts down socks while wearing bonnets. Set in Tudor England. 

2. Polly Wanna Gansta? (18+)
- A cat, Rob Lowe, and a wise-guy pickle find themselves in a land without crackers or milk. Every email that has ever been sent follows them as they race chariots. They discover cross species sexual pleasure. 

3. Out With A Bang
- Contestants need to decide quickly between IUDs and IEDs. 

4. Love Me Tender
- A steak narrates abattoir stories of redemption and renewal. Set in 1950's Ohio. 

5. Your Place or Mime. 
- Pick up artists compete for white-faced asinine losers. 

6. Providence Hands Down 
- Contestants present entrepreneurial ideas to retired pedophiles and God. 
  Theme song by Raffi. 

7. The Biggest Boozer
- Fritos Presents!! Evenings of salty stories and chips washed down by Kentucky Bourbon. Good times. 
  Theme song by Raffi. 

8. The Shawinigan Redemption
- A former Prime Minister breaks out of his gender prison. Implants, medication, and waxing are all part of the hilarious and touching process. 

9. Married With Chickens
- A disgruntled shoe salesman leaves the city for a life of barnyard intrigue. Chuckle and cluck along with Mr. Hapless as he learns interpersonal and sexual skills from his favourite rooster, Leonard. And also, his daughter is a whore. 

10. ron 
- a 41 y/o, overweight white male lives with the knowledge that back hair and a secret yearning for self-transcendence as a vengeful Super Hero is not sexy. Watch as he self medicates in bewilderment, aware that his patina of civilized normalcy is dissolving. 
Theme song by Raffi.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!

    Seems like a fun game to play. Gotta try that a bit, but maybe with films.

    100. Boiko da Klown: a show highlighting the foibles of a big man who gets into trouble playing under his little tent.

    99. Sweeter by far: The story of an
    "apathetic sympathetic diabetic old man on roller skates with a marked propensity
    towards procrastination & sloth".

    98. A Fridge too Far: Full length film depicting all the small, middle, not so small, minuscule, sub-atomic, cosmological, transcendant, archetypal struggles of
    a real-life dude, culminating with an epic rendition of the infamous battle of the bulge.

    97. Shat on a Hot Tin Roof: The scatological anal unretentive story of a CENSURED-loving deranged psychopath who CENSURED bateria intented for germ warfare & CENSURED CENSURED the freakin' CENSURED CENSURED CENSURED,
    in full gooey panavision colour. FBI approved.

    Wotta hoot.